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Voices From the Attic: The Williamstown Boys in the Civil War

Dorothy Alling Memorial Library

Imagine clearing out your family attic and discovering hundreds of letters written during the Civil War. After Carleton Young’s parents passed away, he was cleaning out the attic in their home in Pittsburgh, PA. In the attic he found an old wooden box with hundreds of letters, still in their original envelopes, written home by two brothers from Williamstown, VT as they fought in the Civil War. Using excerpts from their letters, which are filled with in-depth accounts of battles and army life, he weaves together their dramatic war-time narrative into the context of the war and adds in additional information about the friends and relatives who fought by their side in his book entitled “Voices From the Attic”. Mr. Young will share these stories at the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library on September 10th at 7:00 PM in the library community room. Co-sponsored by the Williston Historical Society and the Chittenden County Historical Society. His book will be available at this time for purchase.