2:00 pm14:00

Annual Meeting with special guest Devin Colman

Join us for the annual meeting and a special presentation by Devin Colman our State Architectural  Historian as he delves into the Historical Architecture of Williston.  This meeting also takes place at the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library in Williston. Admission is Free

2:00 pm14:00

National Park That Got Away

The National Park That Got Away

Meeting at the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library, Williston, VT, Free Admission

With the nation having just celebrated the centennial of the National Park Service, environmental historian Bruce S. Post will use his multimedia presentation Three Poems and a Parkway to show how Vermont almost became home to a major national park in the 1930s.  Not once but twice, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed establishing the Green Mountain National Park, which would have been a hop, skip and a jump from Williston.  Using maps, photos, poems and videos, Post tells a compelling story about “the national park that got away.”